Database Driven Website Design

To be a little less static

Unlike a static website whose pages have to be manually edited one-by-one, a database driven website draw upon information stored in a database to dynamically deliver a large number of similarly structured web pages based upon information delivered from a database. The content for these pages can either be collected from the websites users or maintained by the sites owners through the use of a Back Office Web Solution.

Here at ITchy Web Designs we make the most out of databases to enhance our websites in both to reduce the costs of their development and to allow our clients the highest level of control over their websites.

Benefits of a Database Driven Website

There are many benefits from using a database to deliver website content:

  • Unlimited Pages - Each dynamic web page can deliver an unlimited number of different content pages, limited only by the information stored in the database.
  • Lower Costs - Reduced costs by allowing the addition of website content yourself.
  • Easy of Editing - No knowledge of web technologies such as HTML is required as content is maintained via a Back Office Web Solution.
  • Dynamic Content Linking - Automatically offer links to relevant pages in your website based on the content of the current page.
  • Easy of Maintenance - Lower the amount of maintenance your site requires, by reducing the number of pages used to deliver your website.
  • Multiple Views - Deliver the same content in multiple different ways to suit needs of your website.
  • Searchable Content - Allow your visitors to search your website directly within your own website.

Types of Database Driven Website Content

There are many ways that a database can be used to enhance your website, here is a list of some of the most common uses:

  • Content Management Systems (CMS) - This is the ultimate version of a Database Driven Website allowing an entire website to be built with little or no knowledge of web technologies.
  • Blogs and Community Forums - A common use of Data Driven Content that allows direct communication with website visitors. Find out more about Conversational Marketing, blogs and forums.
  • E-Commerce - Arguably the most useful use of Data Driven Content, E-Commerce allows a website owner to place products / services for sale through their website.
  • Dynamic Web Pages - A single specialised Dynamic Page / Section designed to deliver content that can be added by the website owners. e.g. Image Gallery, Q & A, FAQ.
  • Dynamic Reusable Sections - A Dynamic Section that can be added to one or more static pages to deliver variable content to an otherwise static page. This method most often used to deliver content from another section of the website. e.g. E-Commerce Advertising, Latest: Article / Blog Entry / Forum Post.

Don't worry if you don't understand the technical stuff we are more than happy to talk you through what we offer and help you understand what you need.