E-Commerce Solutions

Going, going, gone, sold to the...

With over £60bn spent online every year in the UK, E-Commerce has become the major aspect of almost every business websites. No matter what your business model, or what you sell, online promotion of your products and services can be a cost effective platform for your business.

The idea that E-Commerce has to cost an arm and a leg is a misapprehension driven by the belief that E-Commerce means a shopping cart and checkout. This is only one way of taking online payments and is not necessarily the correct approach for your businesses.

Finding the correct approach

Here at ITchy Web Designs we discuss all E-Commerce Solutions with our clients to determine the correct approach for their online transactions. Some of the most common approaches are:

  • Custom Storefront - A Customised Storefronts allows you to choose how you want to present your products with the options of either 'Buy Now' Buttons or a Shopping Cart & Checkout
  • 'Buy Now' Buttons - When all you need is something simple, 'Buy Now' Buttons are a simple cost effective method of selling a single product or service.
  • Shopping Cart & Checkout - Allowing your customers to pay for multiple products at the same time through the use of your own shopping cart and checkout.
  • Product Management - Allows you to administer your own products via your own secure administration facility.
  • Online Payments - Allow your customers to pay directly through your website using customisable payment links.
  • Online Information / Service Payments - An extended version of Online Payments with the additional ability to collect information at the time the Online Payment is taken.

Implementing your E-Commerce

Which ever approch best suits your business model, here at ITchy Web Designs we can help you by offering:

  • Bespoke Integration - Your business is unique and so is what you sell. So don't worry if you don't fall into the standard 'pigeonhole' we will deliver what you need however bespoke.
  • Dynamic Catalogue - Be in control of your own products and courses through your own website administrator.
  • Cross Promotion - Help your customers to find what they want by offering them alternative or related products and services.
  • Variations - Provide multiple versions of the same product using Variations. e.g. sizes, colours or materials.
  • Global & Individual SEO - Don't just rely on standard SEO for your e-commerce, provide the Search Engines with what they want; Individual pages for each of your products and services, each optimised individually to deliver the best results.

Don't worry if you don't know what you want we are more than happy to talk you through what we offer and help you understand what you need.