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The pen really is mightier than the sword...

No matter how great your site looks, how quickly it loads or the number of visitors that your SEO & PPC advertising sends to your website, if your website does not convert your visitors into business, then it is not doing its job.

Content to the Design

The fact that visitors go to websites for their content and not for their design instantly tells you that the content is the most important element of any website design. To ensure our designs complement and enhance their content, we like our clients to provide us with a sample of their content to use as a muse to sculpt a design around.

This being said here at ITchy Web Designs we do not expect our clients to just provide us with their content, we help our clients by helping them to create a Content Design. A Content Design is a method of thinking about content in the form of its parts and then putting them together to create a whole.

  • Navigation Structure - The larger the website the clever the navigation has to be to ensure that as many page as possible have the maximum level of exposure. Multiple navigations, site maps and Related Content Promoting can all be used to guide visitors around your website.
  • Content Language - Website visitors can subconsciously gain an insight into the mind of businesses by the language and style they use on their website. Creative, fun, serious, professional, you can choose how you want to be perceived.
  • Content Layout - Content layout is not just about the positioning of text or the font sizes used, but is also about the way the content is delivered, the sectioning of information and the clever use of graphics to give content a more aesthetic appearance.
  • Call to Action - Showing visitors how easy it is to take action can make the difference for those visitors who have not yet made up their minds.
  • Graphic Choices - Finding the correct balance between aesthetics and substance for you target audience can lead to the improved user experience and visitor conversation rates.
  • Keyword Density - Finding the correct balance between content for your visitors and content for the Search Engines, to optimise both website visitors and business generated.
  • Related Content Promoting  - Visitors rarely arrive at a website knowing exactly what they are looking for. Often they are looking for answers to bigger questions, questions that cannot be answered by a single page. Promoting relevant content to visitors can help answer these questions and lead to potential business leads.
  • Social Networking - Integrate your social network presence with your web presence to create a seamless link between the two.

Wondering what to do next?

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