Responsive Website Design

Let's go mobile...

With over 80% of us now owning a Smartphone or Tablet and over a third of the UK website traffic now coming from one of these mobile devices. Having your website accessible in these ways is becoming more and more important.

Responsive web design means that your website easily adapts to smaller screen resolutions without sacrificing any of the functionality or pleasing aesthetics.

Responsive Website Design Techniques

Here at ITchy Web Designs we use a technique called Media Querying which allows us to change the look of a website based on the height and width of either the device or the web browser window viewing the website. These technique allow the same web content to be used for all devices. There are two basic methods:

  • Shrinking & Hiding - When screen space becomes limited, parts of the content can be moved, shrunk or even hidden to ensure that all content continues to be displayed without become unreadable.
  • Enlarging & Showing - When viewing a website using a small device such as a mobile phone, enlarging elements of the website such as text and displaying alternative version of elements such as navigation can make your website much easier to read and navigate.

Alternatives to Responsive Website Design

The main alternative to this method is to have a separate mobile version of a website that is designed purely for mobile devices. This method is usually only recommended to larger corporations who can afford the expense of maintaining an additional website.

If you wish to use this technique we are more than happy to discuss this alternative with you and will be able to guide you through what you would need to have a mobile site that mirrors your main website.

Don't worry if you don't understand the technical stuff we are more than happy to talk you through what we offer and help you understand what you need.