Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

You need to know the rules, if you want to win the game...

Here at ITchy Web Designs we don't see Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as just putting the correct keywords and phrases in the content of your web page, we see it as a fundamental part of designing and building a website.

SEO is changing, it's moving forward and the major search engines are changing their algorithms (the method by which search engines rank websites) to deliver results not just on a websites content but also on how your website looks on different devices.

A Website Design that helps your SEO

Website design is changing, the devices we use for browsing the web have changed and the Search Engines know this and are changing their results to prioritise website that have a Responsive Website Design that accommodates our new portable device.

  • Find out more about how we use Responsive Website Design to develop a website that not only looks good no matter the device, but also helps your search engine results.

Choosing a Larger Audience

There are companies who advertise that they can guarantee you the top spot on Google, this is a wonderful sales pitch to attract new customers who don't really understand what is realistically possible. – They justify this statment by prioritising your SEO on a relatively obscure set of keywords or phrases where there is little or no competition.

This strategy can work for those limited keywords but does not take into consideration all the other possible visitors that fail to find your website through other keywords.

Here at ITchy Web Designs we understand that Search Engine Optimisation is a numbers game, so we recommend to our clients that the best way to increase their website visitors is to start by targeting the largest pool of possible visitors and then using a broad range of keywords and phrases that target the correct visitors to the best page for their search.

Our SEO Objectives

Our objectives for any business SEO campaign are to:

  • Improve website visibility and usability.
  • Increase the number of inbound links vital to top Search Engine rankings.
  • Increase the traffic to the web site leading to increased sales and profits.
  • Build brand identity.

Some of our SEO Methods

We would aim to achieve this by using:

  • Responsive Website Design - Responsive Website Design techniques improve the overall Search Engines rating of a website.
  • A Balanced SEO content strategy -  When it comes to a successful website; the websites content is King. Finding the correct balance between; keyword rich text and human readable content, can help to deliver both new visitors and new business to your website.
  • General website keywords - Targeting both the geographic marketing location and the market sector of the products and services offered.
  • Page targeted SEO - The strength of a websites SEO is based on the strength of its pages. Search Engine Optimising each page individually based on its content helps to indicate the importance information about a page to the search engines.
  • Inbound links - The number of external websites linking to a website is one of the strongest indicators of popularity or importance that search engines have about a website or page.
  • HTML 5 Content - The latest version of HTML (The most basic building block of all websites) has enabled websites developers to specify what types of content each section of a page contains. This can be used to give a clear indication of the importance of content ensuring Search Engines do not give unwanted prioritisation to the wrong parts of a pages content.

Additional Marketing Methods Available

Here at ITchy Web Designs we also offer additional adverting and marketing services:

Don't worry if you don't understand the technical stuff we are more than happy to talk you through what we offer and help you understand what you need.