Web Based Internet Applications

From back office to front of house...

Every business needs a web presence, but for some business it is an essential part of their business process or possibly even the business itself. These kinds of website are often called Web Based Internet Applications.

Don't get pigeonholed

Here at ITchy Web Designs we don't treat every client the same, we understand that every business works differently and that before we can help you, we need to understand you and how your business works.

Web Based Internet Application have two main purposes:

  • Customer Interaction - To allow your customers to directly interact with both you and other customers through a custom built front of house website.
  • Back office Management - To allows you to carry out and streamline your back office business operations and to allow management over a front of house website.

Back Office Management Systems do not need to interact with your main front of house website, instead they can run independently external from your main website, this allows you the freedom to choose how you want manage your business process.

Back Office Management Systems

With internet connection speeds improving and the increased use of the 'cloud' to store information, more and more businesses are taking the step of decentralising their businesses and allow their staff to work from home to reduce the overheads that centralised offices incur.

Here at ITchy Web Designs we specialise in the development of Back Office Management Systems that allow businesses to manage their internal work in a secure remote environment.

While our Back Office Management Systems are uniquely made for each client individually each of our systems are made with the same standard features.

Standard Features

  • Hidden Internet Location, to prevent unauthorised people finding the Secure User Login.
  • Secure User login, to prevent unauthorised people gaining access to your information.
  • Activity Logs, to allow  administrators to monitor activity of other users.
  • Restricted IP Addresses, to allow the restriction of users to specific internet locations.
  • User Privileges, to allow or restrict authorised users performing activities.
  • Database Backups, to allow authorised users to create data restore points, that can be used to restore.

If you're looking to develop your own Back Office Management System or to expand an existing facility, we are more than happy to talk you through what we offer and help you understand what we have to offer.