Website Administration

Your in control...

We all want as much control over our own websites as posible, but while most of us do not have the skills needed to modify thier own website, there is an alternative available; a Website Administration System.

Designed to allow website owners to change or manage parts of their own website that would normally require a webmaster or a web developer to perform.

Benefits of a Website Administration System

  • Control - Take control of your website and make changes on your own.
  • Simple - Easy to use without any knowledge of how websites are created or maintained.
  • Cost Effective - Only pay for the features you wish to use not for a bloated facility that does far more than you need.
  • Expandable - As your businesses grows and adapts so can your Web Admin.
  • Flexible - Use both existing standardised features alongside bespoke custom-made facilities to give you greater control.

Website Administration System Features

A Website Administration System can perform many different roles both to control parts of your website and to enhance your business.

Some of those features are listed below:

  • Track Website Visitors - Visitor Tracking gives you the big picture about how visitors use your website. Find out more about what Visitor Tracking can offer your business.
  • Client Records - Intergrate your customer records with your website to create a centralised place for your online marketing.
  • E-Commerce - Be incontrol of your E-Commerce; change product details, stock levels and prices to meet the needs of your business.
  • Email Marketing - Use your intergrated customer records as a platform for your email marketing by sending them your latest offers.
  • Add Website Content - Add content to any part of your Data Driven Website securely.
  • Online Back Office - Integrate some of your back office administration with your website to allow your business to take advantage of its online capacities.

Don't worry if you don't understand the technical stuff we are more than happy to talk you through what we offer and help you understand what you need.