Website Design

Not just a pretty picture...

Creating a website design can be easy, but here at ITchy Web Designs we don't just do our clients any old website design and hope they like it, we sit down with our clients and get to know them, their businesses and how they currently generate interest.

We ask them about what they like, don't like about other websites, especially others in their industry and also what they are wanting their new website to do.

Then maybe we throw in a few ideas of our own, about how a website could help generate interest for their business, then we talk some more and then only once we think we know what our client needs, not just what they tell us they want, we design them a bespoke website design not just to look good, but a practical website designed to meet their business needs.

Not all designs are the same

Here at ITchy Web Designs we understand that not every website needs the same level of design, so we offer our clients different types of website designs to suit business needs and their budget.

Standard Website Design (£240)

Our standard website designs are tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients and are designed to include a single consistent layout for your all your website content.

All our website designs are represented as a flat image that accurately depicts how your website will look.

Responsive Web Design (£360)

You don't have to have your website look small and poky on mobile devices.

Responsive website designs change depending on the size of the device accessing your website. Ensuring that your website always looks at its best.

Website Template (£210)

Once you are happy with your website design, we will turn the flat image representation of your website into one or more Website Templates.

A Website Templates are used to ensure a consistent look and feel throughout a website, no matter how big the website is.

Multiple Content Layouts (additional £60 - £120 per layout)

You don't have to have the same layout on every page of your website, you can have parts of your website laid out different while still maintaining a consistent look and feel.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Here at ITchy Web Designs we are that confident that we can create a website design that suits your needs that if we fail to deliver a final design that meets your needs then you can walk away with no obligation to pay for the design.

Now... Some Technical Stuff

  • Our Website Designs are flat image representations of what your website will look like once built. These representation do not contain active features such as links or animations or role over graphics.
  • Our Website Designs often use place holder text and images to give the general representation of how content would be displayed.
  • All of the major web browsers have their own unique ways of display fonts, so we cannot guarantee the exact look of text, except when images are being used to represent text.

Don't worry if you don't understand the technical stuff we are more than happy to talk you through what we offer and help you understand what you need.